Complete Tilt-Tie Assembly.

The Tilt-Tie

¨ Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Tilt-Tie gives you a safe place on the trail or away from the ranch to safely tie your horse.

¨ Adjustable Spring Tension: The only tie with tension adjustment!

¨ Allows your horse to comfortably lie down, roll or frolic, or safely be tied overnight.

¨ Can easily be installed to just about any location; trailer, barn, corral, etc. (additional base brackets available).

¨ Covered by our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

¨ Made in the USA.

The adjustable trailer tie that your horses will love!

Introductory Price: $279.00 + $19.95 Shipping

Item Number: TILT-TIE

No need to take along heavy, bulky corral panels. Your horses can graze, lie down, and exercise without becoming entangled in the tie rope. And when your sleeping in the trailer overnight it won’t be shaking from your horses tugging on the tie rope.



The Tilt-Tie is a new and safe way to tie your horse or show cattle. It can easily be installed in any convenient place for grooming, saddling up, or wherever else you may want to tie your horse or livestock on a regular basis.


The Tilt-Tie is a safer way to tie your horse or livestock anywhere around the barn, corral, or your trailer. It allows for free movement and keeps animal and caregiver calm.


The Tilt-Tie’s patented rugged design is unique also because of the Adjustable Spring Tension. This feature is unlike any other tie on the market. This feature lets you set the spring tension at whatever level you prefer. Heavy resistance for the big and heavy (preset setting), and lighter for the light or miniature.


The Tilt-Tie has a neat covered spring, a rubber grommet to protect the end of the tie stick, and a bull ring with panic quick release and swivel for you to hook the tether of your choice. (Adjustable enclosed tether recommended.)


The Tilt-Tie is an easy to install overhead tie that allows for multiple location ties. Simply add additional receiver base units.


The Tilt-Tie is a safer, more convenient way of tying your horse or livestock than anything you have ever used before. Superior to the conventional ties also because the Tilt-Tie allows full free movement, while also spacing the animal away from your trailer or the tie position.


The ALL ALUMINUM BASE & the DOUBLE DIPPED CHROME Tie Post Tilt-Tie makes real sense. No paint or maintenance!


The Tilt-Tie simply swings back along the trailer for transporting. Or can be removed without tools.


The Tilt-Tie comes with a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


The Tilt-Tie, Proudly made in the USA. U.S. Patent No. 7,028,641.

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