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Welcome to the home of the Tilt-Tie. An innovative new product for the horse and equine industry. The Tilt-Tie is superior by design. The first thing that sets the Tilt-Tie apart from any other horse tie of this kind is the Adjustable Spring Tension. By simply removing the tie post from the flex arm base and turning an 11/16th inch nut on the bottom of the flex post clockwise or counter clockwise you can change the resistance force that the tie creates.  The Tilt-Tie is the only tie to give you this very important capability.


The Tilt-Tie has also addressed the issue of the base and the flex arm base rattling. This is especially annoying when trying to sleep in the trailer with the tie attached. Tilt-Tie has a one of a kind pin and hinge design that allows the aluminum base and flex-post to work quietly and smoothly. This is accomplished by two nylon bushings, which serve two functions in fact, they also eliminate any problem with wear or binding that occurs when rubbing aluminum to aluminum while eliminating rattle at the swing and hinge point.


Tilt-Tie is the only tie that covers the unsightly spring base with a chrome sleeve. This also eliminates paint and maintenance issues that occur when the spring (made of steel always) is left exposed. There is also a safety issue here with other traditional ties of fingers potentially getting in the spring if flexed while in use.


The Tilt-Tie has a rubber grommet on the end of the tilt-post. The others have either a potentially unsafe bolt or piece of rod fastened to the end of the post to fasten to the tether. The Tilt-Tie uses a round “bull ring” that is attached just behind the rubber grommet for the tether lead to hook to. This ring is not attached in a ridged manner thus the tethered animal can not tangle nor can the quick release get caught or bound on the fixture at the position where the tether hooks to it.


The Tilt-Tie supplied tether lead is adjustable. This addresses the issue (which is a critical one) of the tether being adjusted to about two to three inches off the ground.  It would be inconceivable to think that in every application that the tie would be mounted in the exact same height. So we provide the adjustable tether lead for you.


As you can see, the Tilt-Tie is a complete all around unit. We took the idea of an innovative new trailer tie and ran with it. This one does it all. And it was designed, manufactured, and assembled by people who know trailers and horses.


Thank you for reading this article. To learn more please go to the Tilt-Tie page.

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